This is the life!

From ocean-front properties where you can hear the ocean steps from your deck, to green expanses where the only noise you hear is someone hitting a golf ball, the Hamptons offer literally something for everyone who wants the very best—not only in terms of magnificent properties but, as importantly, in quality of life.

It’s here, more than anywhere else, you can find your dream and at the same time feel a sense of safety and security that is unfortunately rapidly diminishing elsewhere, especially in Europe. Many of the people that look for homes in the Hamptons look in Europe as well, or own property there already. But the rise in crime and unexpected violence we are seeing in the evening news is sadly increasing there. In contrast, the Hamptons are a safe haven. Many people I know here don’t bother to lock their doors—-unheard of in the Europe of today.

Those of us who live here actively participate in keeping it safe, environmentally clean, community-focused, and we support local farms, businesses, and friends in need—-which is a lifestyle that produces a unique and valuable environment for us to raise families and enjoy life—a very special life.

We treasure our farms and slow down for tractors in front of us on the road. We pick up a stray toy found on the beach. We avidly support our local farm stands, some of which are simple tables set up under a shady tree selling only handfuls of giant sunflowers.

And we party in the Hamptons! We celebrate the beach with evening picnics with friends, enthusiastically sample new restaurants and hang out at our favorite local bar for a long lazy Saturday lunch, bicycle and run roads lined with fields of corn, or delight in weekend cooking with local tomatoes and musk melons. It’s our quality of life that makes it “this is the life!”